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The Pest Exterminator Info You Need:

  • Choose a local pest exterminator
  • Pest extermination
  • A sample of the reviews we receive
  • Why we get so many referrals
  • Pest Extermination options


Choose a local pest exterminator

Locally owned companies, where the owner is still actively working in the company, with strong quality assurance programs, do the best work. Safeguard has one local office, but dedicated technicians who work in all the areas we service, this allows us to respond quickly to service requests. Need a local exterminator? We have been servicing King and Snohomish Counties for over 25 years. Give us a call!


Pest Extermination

A quality pest exterminator will spend time to anseer your questions and educate you about your pest and your choices, and then design control services to fit your needs, from how fast you want your pests controlled, to how you feel about the control materials you choose to have used at your home.


Sample Reviews

“The provider was responsive and knowledgeable.  He was able to correctly assess the infestation problem and eliminate it.  He did so at a modest cost.  We were very pleased at the outcome.  The provider worked us into his schedule at very short notice, which was very helpful to us, as we were about to leave town for a few days.  I would recommend Safeguard Pest Control in Lynnwood to anyone looking for pest control services.”

“Performed a comprehensive pest prevention treatment of our house.
Excellent service and good value for money. Would definitely use this company again.”

“This company was amazing! I saw a mouse in my house, and as a girly girl with very bad mousecatching dogs I freaked out! They came the very day I called them and examined my whole house top to bottom and laid dog-friendly traps (with regards to my beloved dingbat mouse herders). He was very thorough, and explained the process as he did it. I didn’t feel manipulated or sold to at all! It felt as if he had genuine expertise of his work, and a sincere concern for my situation. After a week he returned to empty traps, re-examine, and I’m happy to say my house is mouse free! I’m so happy I came across such a great company! I will definately always use them!”


Why we get so many referrals

No one is prefect, but we try hard to give every single customer referral worthy service. We want your repeat service, your good reviews, and your word of mouth to neighbors, friends, and co-workers. We try hard to educate our customers about pests and and their control options, to set the right expectations and then give them industry leading service.

There is no one size fits all, control material or technique that exterminates all pests, regardless of what type of pest they are or where they nesting – if you have specific concerns about specific pests, let us know and we will design an extermination service to control or eliminate it.


Pest extermination options

Our most popular option is a quarterly pest extermination program that is designed to control, prevent and eliminate seasonal pests.

Each preventative pest control service will include a pre-spray safety check and insect activity inspection. The service will be modified to control any pest you have had problems with or are concerned about. Each service will provide positive extermination for pests reported by you or noted by us.

A quarterly service is a great way to save money and get great control as each of the quarterly services are much less than the cost of a single service for a typical pest.

We also offer single pest extermination services, a variety of other pest exterminating programs, and pest prevention services as well.


More info about Safeguard

Residential Pest Control Customers

More information on residential services, service programs, and service preparation sheets can be found at our Residential Service Center.


Commercial Pest Control Customers

Information on commercial services, service programs, and how Safeguard can save you money, can be found at our Commercial Pest Control Center.

We offer fast, effective, affordable service, experienced technicians, and a commitment to customer service – Call us Today!



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