Carpenter Ant Treatment

Carpenter Ant Treatment Options

We always recommend a treatment of the exterior. From there it depends on how fast you want them dead and the types of materials you are comfortable with us using.


Exterior Treatment:

Safeguard’s enhanced carpenter ant control service starts on the outside – with a super thorough inspection of your home and yard. We look at the base of your home, the perimeter of your decks, porches, sidewalks, walkways and any other concrete features. We inspect your fence lines, trees, utility lines, landscaping edges, rockery and pavers. We look for anywhere the ants could go to get their preferred foods (aphids and other insects), and any path they could use to get to your home. We even look below the soil next to your home.

We apply professional grade non-repellent control materials that are designed to be both safe and effective, in areas we noted ants, in areas that can eliminate them as they try to access preferred food sources, and in any areas that will protect your home without harming children, pets, birds, bees, or other non-target wildlife.

NOTE: We are happy to use organic control materials upon request. They are more expensive, make take longer to control the ants, may need to be reapplied more often, and you may also see a lot more of the ants on the inside until control is achieved.

Given enough time, one to two years, many carpenter ant infestations can be controlled, by just spraying the exterior.


Recommended Additional Options To Control Them Faster:

We inspect attics and sub areas based on your type of construction and the areas you are seeing activity. We treat these areas with all natural, food grade, diatomaceous earth.

Depending on your level of ant activity, we may dust or spray inside the walls, in areas of suspected activity – with your permission and approval.

If you see lots of ants on the inside of your home and want the fastest results, we might recommend spraying the inside as well. If you prefer not to have the inside sprayed, we will work with you to provide the control you need.

We don’t do tent fumigations, they’re way to expensive and rarely necessary, but we are happy to tell you about them. We don’t use baits on Carpenter ants because they don’t work. At all.


Beyond The First Service:

Unless you have a tent fumigation, there may well be ants somewhere inside your structure after we treat. They can live far longer than our spray materials last. The main nest site is rarely inside a house. Your home was attractive to the ants to begin with, and even if you follow our ant prevention recommendations, your house will still be fairly near their main nest site, will still be covered in ant scent trails, and will still be made of their favorite nesting material – dead wood.

For all of these reasons, we recommend a quarterly service. Why quarterly? The professional grade materials we use last longer, and work better than the materials available to you over the counter. They last 60 days really well, and another 30, pretty well.

They’re manufactured by the same companies who make the over the counter control materials, our materials have more effective professional strength formulations.



Our quarterly services can cover other pests, often at little or no extra charge! More information about quarterly inspection and treatment services.

We have preparation sheets for inside ant treatments and for exterior perimeter sprays to help you get rid of carpenter ants and get the most out of our services.


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