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How We Control Odorous House Ants

We start with a super thorough inspection of your home and yard. We look at the base of your home, your decks, porches, sidewalks, walkways, and any other concrete features. We inspect your fence lines, trees, utility lines, landscaping edges, rockery and pavers. We look for anywhere they could go to get their preferred foods (other insects and aphid secretions), and any path they could use to get to your home. We even look below the soil next to your home.

We apply professional grade non-repellent control materials, that are designed to be both safe and effective, to the perimeter of your home. We treat areas we noted ants, in areas that can eliminate them as they try to access preferred food sources, and in any areas that will protect your home without harming children, pets, birds, bees, or other non-target wildlife.

We inspect attics and sub areas based on your type of construction and the areas you are seeing activity. We treat these areas as necessary with food grade diatomaceous earth.

Professional Ant Bait

Professional Ant Bait

We use professional grade ant baits in areas that children and pets cannot come into contact with such as under and behind baseboards, cabinetry, and appliances.

Ant baits designed to not trigger the ant’s natural ‘stop feeding behavior’ – something that frequently happens with over the counter baits from your local home center.



Cracks, crevices, plumbing and electrical voids with all natural amorphous silica gel.

Cracks, crevices, plumbing and electrical voids with all natural amorphous silica gel.

Depending on your level of ant activity we may dust or spray inside the walls of areas near areas of heavy activity.

If you see lots of ants on the inside of your home and want the fastest results, we recommend spraying the inside as well, again with a professional grade non-repellent spray chosen for safety and effectiveness. If you prefer not to have the inside sprayed, we will work with you to provide the control you need.

All homes will need a thorough initial inspection and treatment with at least one follow up service, although we find most homes, especially homes in heavily infested areas, or homes with lots of ants, would benefit from a quarterly inspection and treatment service to to provide the best Sugar ant control.

We have preparation sheets for inside ant treatments and for exterior perimeter sprays to help you get rid of sugar ants and get the most out of our services.


About Odorous House Ants

Odorous House ants do not damage structures. In nature they make their nests in the ground, under rocks, in stumps and in fallen logs.

They are adept at living and foraging below ground level. This can make it hard to know you have them – and hard to control them.

Each individual nest can have many queens, and each home can have several nests. Studies have shown that our area has ‘super colonies’ of related nests that can cover entire neighborhoods. This is a major reason these ants re-infest. All these related nests sites are connected by invisible scent trails that ants from outside nests will use to come back to your home.

They are also called Sugar Ants. Mainly because they will feed on honey, syrup, soda pop, and other sweets.

In nature these ants eat other insects and insect secretions. Aphids make a sticky ‘sap’ when they eat the leaves of bushes and trees. This ‘sap’ is an insect super food, highly valued by ants and wasps – it is almost pure sugar. This is by far their favorite food source. Even if you see hundreds of ants in your home, understand it is a tiny fraction of the number of ants in the nest – getting their preferred food, somewhere outside.

Odorous House ants will feed on the aphids and other insects which attack the root systems of trees, bushes and ground cover, which is one of the reasons this ant can be active all year round.

1366069 - Courtesy Susan Ellis, Bugwood.org5391193 Courtesy - Joseph Berger, Bugwood.org
Left: Odorous House Ant workers feeding on aphid exudate.

Single Ant / Above: A greatly enlarged picture of a Sugar Ant / Odorous House Ant worker.

Identifying Odorous House Ants

There are lots of different kinds of little black ants in our area. There are several types of very small dark brown / black ants. Our ant identification page may help, or give us a call for a free on site estimate.


5 Facts You Should Know Before You Spray

1. Odorous House ants do not aimlessly wander into homes. You see them inside your home because they are nesting in your home. Their preferred foods are all outside. They only seem to show up in the spring and then disappear. Less than 1% will ever show up inside eating your food.

2. Ants can stop showing inside when you spray something on them, most sprays are highly repellent. Even natural sprays, even household cleansers. They often stop showing up when the food that they prefer, aphids and other insects – becomes available outside.

3. Just because you no longer see Odorous House ants any longer – doesn’t mean you are controlling Odorous House ants. They are still there – inside your walls, in your attic, or inside your sub area.

4. To get rid of Odorous House ants completely it can sometimes take several follow-up treatments over a period of months, especially if you have LOTS of ants. It is important to understand that the nest in your home is only a small part of a closely connected nest and colony system. If your neighborhood is infested, you should consider a follow treatment program.

5. Over the counter sprays can chase the ants away, but out of site – is not out of your house. Spraying the outside of your home with a repellent spray can kill a big bunch of ants right away, however, it can and often does, force the remaining ants living in your home, into show up literally everywhere inside your home, AND it can make them find alternative ways in and out of your house that are not easily visible – prolonging your ant problems.


How you can help us get rid of Odorous House ants

There are actually a number of things that can be done to help get rid of Sugar ants, and other types of ants too. Most of these steps will also make any service designed for controlling Sugar ants more successful with less use of pesticide.

Please visit our page: Ant Prevention to learn how to make your treatment more effective.

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