Ground Nests

Yellow Jacket ground nests are common. 


Something like this, only buried under ground.

In the Pacific Northwest, by the time September rolls around, these underground nests are about the size of a basket ball, give or take. There may be as many as 8 to 10 egg layers in the ground nest and it may contain hundreds to thousands of workers.

The ground nest may be a ‘compact ball’ or it may be spread out in several different directions under root systems, or wherever the soil was easiest to remove, or wherever there were natural voids, such as under or behind plants or rockeries. Ground nests can be particularly difficult for a homeowner to take care of without getting stung.



Yellow jackets are compact wasps which are commonly mistaken for or labeled as bees. We get more calls for bee ground nests or ground nests of bees than for yellow jackets, even though virtually all ground nests are yellow jackets.

We take care of yellow jacket ground nests quickly and safely, using non-repellent control material that do not make the wasps angry, keeping you and your pets safe.

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