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Bees VS Wasps

We get hundreds of requests every year for bee nest removal, bee extermination, and bee control. 99% of these calls are really about wasps – especially yellow jackets, which are very similar in size to your average bee. Regardless of whether you have bees or wasps – we’re your best control solution!


Safeguard’s Bee Control

First, we have to say that bees are important pollinators. In our regular pest control, we go to great lengths to make sure that we do not harm native pollinators – bees, wasps, butterflies and others. Bees rarely sting people. We actually encourage customers to install plants that attract and support pollinators in their yards, out away from their homes. Please consider leaving them alone if you can. If you can’t, we can help – especially since so much of the requests we get for bee control are really about wasps.

About those ‘not bees’:

Yellow jackets and Hornets are wasps, they are very common, and they are far more likely to sting than bees. We get the largest number of bee control requests for these two, closely related wasps – especially yellow jackets. Yellow jackets are small and compact and are easily mistaken for bees.

toomuchfunWe have several types of Yellow jackets in our area. Some types of Yellow jackets nest up high, in trees, up under eaves, and in attic spaces. These nests start in early spring and grow in size throughout the year and often feature a large paper covering over the nest.




k-hanging-nestA cousin of the Yellow jacket, the Bald Faced hornet, usually makes it’s nest in bushes, especially rhododendrons.

Some types of Yellow jackets are more likely to nest in the ground in a naturally occurring hollow – or in a place they hollow out.

Regardless of where the nest is, even if it occurs in an inaccessible void, we have the tools and treatment materials to provide safe, effective, and total Yellow Jacket control.


Paper Wasp & Mud Dauber Control


Paper wasps and mud daubers are less likely to sting than yellow jackets and hornets, but they are still more aggressive than bees. Only a small percentage of our bee control requests are about these wasps. These two wasps are larger and are more commonly mistaken for yellow jackets. They have longer wings and longer legs. They have much smaller nests than yellow jackets and hornets.

We can control wasps quickly and effectively when they live in the ground or in inaccessible voids.


Yellow Jacket Prevention

The only thing better than yellow jacket control – is yellow jacket prevention.

Some of our customers have us come out every spring and treat their eaves to help keep bees and wasps away.

Some opt for popular a quarterly pest extermination program that is designed to control bees and to prevent and eliminate seasonal pests.

Each preventative pest control service includes a pre-spray safety check and insect activity inspection. The service will be modified to control any pest you have had problems with or are concerned about. Each service will provide positive extermination for pests reported by you or noted by us.

A quarterly service is a great way to save money and get great control as each of the quarterly services are much less than the cost of a single service for a typical pest.


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