Bird Control

We perform many types of bird control. The following are the most common:

Bird control info on this page:

  • Woodpeckers
  • Pigeons
  • Starlings & other small birds that nest in your eaves
  • Commercial Bird Control



We get more requests for help with Woodpeckers than all other birds combined. Woodpeckers can cause expensive damage to a home and their habit of ‘drumming’ on metal chimney caps can be startling and disquieting – to say the least.

More than a few of our calls are from customers who have tried do it yourself fixes or even other companies, without success. Our woodpecker control page details our industry leading control methods for these noisy pests.



1-pig-150Pigeon control can involve spikes, netting, trip wires, and much more. If you have pigeons we can discuss what works and what doesn’t for your situation. We offer a variety of visually low impact solutions for pigeon problems. Check out our pigeon control page for more info.



Starlings & other small birds that nest in your eaves.

starling_000Starlings and other small birds love nesting in eave vents. We can install smart looking exterior screens that keep them out and we warrant our bird control screens for as long as you own your home.

We also install bird proof exhaust hood covers and install nets and screens for swallows. Check out our page how to get rid of birds


Commercial Bird Control

pigeon-spikes1aBirds can be a nightmare for your warehouse, office, hospital, or other commercial structure. We work with all kinds of property owners and managers to get rid of birds effectively and affordably. Our commercial bird control page is the place to start.

Spikes, nets, flex-tracks – and much more.


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