Pigeon Control

Our Pigeon Control info includes:

  • Pigeon Control Options
  • Bird Spikes
  • Trip Wires & Shock Track
  • Netting & Screen


Pigeon Control Options

The most common pigeon control options include bird spikes, trip wires, nets, and screens. There are other options including plastic panels, shock track, traps, sonic repellers, poisoned seed and avoidance gels.

Sonic repellers generate a lot of complaints in residential areas and even from workers in commercial and industrial areas. We won’t use poisoned seed out of concern for non-target species, and avoidance gels such as ‘Hot Foot’ are messy, have to be reapplied, and are generally not very effective.


Pigeon Spikes / Bird Spikes

Pigeon spikes / bird spikes work very well in specific areas, including roof ledges, metal beams, gutter edges, downspout elbows, store signs and other exposed hard surfaces.

They work best in areas of low population pressure and they do not work in areas that are highly sheltered, so they are often not a good fit in residential areas under roof overhangs. They are an awesome option for pigeon control on metal parapet edges around flat roof homes and commercial buildings.

Bird Spiked Shroud with trip wire around top

Bird Spiked Shroud with trip wire around top


They also work really well on metal chimney tops / surrounds / shrouds on residential homes, window ledges, narrow edges or ledges of almost any kind, and steel I-beams.




Trip Wires & Shock Track

Trip wires work best on long flat surfaces

Trip wires (above) and Flex Track / Shock Track  (left) work in many of the same areas as bird spikes, the advantage with these products is that they can achieve pigeon control with a reduced visual impact. Shock track does not harm birds but does train them not to stand on or near it.



Netting and Screen

In residential situations, when pigeons nest in recessed areas under eaves, one of the best options is screening. Screening can work against multiple pests, rats, birds, and even squirrels and raccoons, It’s easy to work with and lasts for years.

Nesting on exterior eave corbels under exposed eaves can be remedied with screen or for a really clean look, we can install clear plastic panels that prevent nesting and have super low visibility. We do not recommend spikes for this area as pigeons will fill the spikes with grass and other materials and nest on top of the spikes in these sheltered areas.

Netting works best when you have large areas to keep birds out of, like the underside of parking garages, exposed insulation installations, exterior eaves in heavy Swallow nesting areas, condo and apartment decks, the underside of entry awnings, and courtyards.



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