Woodpecker Control

5 Things You Need To Know About Woodpeckers:

  • Why You Have Woodpeckers
  • What Keeps Them Away
  • Why They Will Come Back
  • Why Woodpecker Control Efforts Fail
  • Why We Get So Many Referrals For Woodpecker Control


Why You Have Woodpeckers

pest-bird-controlThe most common reason woodpeckers pound on homes is to establish territory and advertise for mates. The louder the surface is, the better the male woodpecker likes it.

Another big reason, is nesting. Your home is made our of hollow wood, it often has small round openings that remind woodpeckers of naturally occurring holes in hollow trees.

The least likely reason, but still a possibility, is that your home may have a bug infestation. This is pretty rare though.


What Keeps Them Away

Deterrents: A successful woodpecker deterrent combines movement, reflection, and noise. Together these three aspects work to make a woodpecker uncomfortable and is usually enough to drive them away. These work really well when the woodpecker is trying to nest in your eaves or wall.

Spikes, nets, and screens, can be used to keep woodpeckers from getting to specific areas. Spikes on top of metal chimneys work to keep woodpeckers away for years. Screens installed at angle can protect your eaves. Net can protect the entire side of a house. Some of these options can work to keep woodpeckers away for years.

Click here for a gallery of Safeguard’s work to keep away woodpeckers


Why They Will Come Back

Why was the woodpecker there to begin with? Is your home one of the taller homes in your area? Do you have nice attractive vent holes under your eaves? If your home was attractive to one woodpecker, it will probably still be attractive after we chase this one away.

You should ask about your options for keeping them away for future seasons as well.


Why Woodpecker Control Efforts Fail

Control efforts, even professional control efforts, usually fail because the deterrents that were installed, do not move enough, reflect enough, or make enough noise. Not all homes have good air flow around them.

Our typical installation is designed to get the deterrent out into the wind. We almost never install the deterrents sets as they are packaged.


Why We Get So Many Referrals For Woodpecker Control

We do better work. We use better attachments. We care about getting your five star review on Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook. or Google+

No one is prefect, but we try hard to give every single customer referral worthy service. We want your repeat service, your good reviews, and your word of mouth to neighbors, friends, and co-workers. We try hard to educate our customers about pests and and their control options, to set the right expectations and then give them industry leading service.



More About Safeguard

Pest extermination options by Safeguard

Our most popular option is a quarterly pest extermination program that is designed to control, prevent and eliminate seasonal pests.

Each preventative pest control service will include a pre-spray safety check and insect activity inspection. The service will be modified to control any pest you have had problems with or are concerned about. Each service will provide positive extermination for pests reported by you or noted by us.

A quarterly service is a great way to save money and get great control as each of the quarterly services are much less than the cost of a single service for a typical pest.

We also offer single pest extermination services, a variety of other pest exterminating programs, and pest prevention services as well.


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