Woodpecker Control Options

Woodpecker Control Options:

  • Deterrent Sets
  • Chimney Shroud and Flue Spikes
  • Netting
  • Sonic Devices


Deterrent Sets

These sets, as packaged, don’t always work tremendously well. We add special flash tape streamers, mount the sets in ways that catch more wind, and usually replace the supplied string with vinyl coated wire rope so they last longer in windy areas. (Note: Heavy wind may still damage or remove deterrent sets and the mylar streamers may need to be replaced at a future date.)

A typical install:



Chimney Shroud and Flue Spikes

Bird spikes can last of many years, but only work in specific areas. One of these areas is chimney shrouds – the big metal cover on the very top of the exterior of many modern fireplace chimneys, another is the flue cap (See below):

Chimney cap


Canted Screens

We install a lot of screens. For may types of birds simple screens over exterior vent holes work wonders, for woodpeckers, sometimes you need to set the screen out at an angle to keep the bird from reaching through the screen with their beak and harming the siding underneath.

Canted screens


Woodpecker Netting

Woodpeckers are wild, they don’t always do what you want them to, sometimes they only way to keep them away from large areas is to install netting:



Sonic devices

Sonic devices can work, but we don’t recommend them as anything but a last resort. The best ones are very expensive, and they are quite noisy with alternating calls of birds in distress and raptor birds that hunt woodpeckers – all at high volume. They are equipped with sensors which turn them on at sunrise and off at sunset.


Why We Get So Many Referrals For Woodpecker Control

We do better work. In this video, the deterrent on the left was installed by a different company. Note that it doesn’t move at all. The deterrent on the right was our install. The balloon is moving gently and the mylar is whipping in the wind, providing noise, movement, and reflection – the basics of woodpecker control.

No one is prefect, but we try hard to give every single customer referral worthy service. We want your repeat service, your good reviews, and your word of mouth to neighbors, friends, and co-workers. We try hard to educate our customers about pests and and their control options, to set the right expectations and then give them industry leading service.

However, please note: Woodpeckers are wild animals. Our work is not supposed to harm them – just make them want to leave the area. Our work is successful over 95% of the time, which means that there is a possibility that your particular bird will not cooperate. This typically happens on 1 to 3 homes per year. You may opt to have us change out the deterrents we used at your house, install netting, or pursue the use of sonic devices. Since there is no way to prevent this occurrence, all additional work will incur additional fees.



More About Safeguard

Pest extermination options by Safeguard

Our most popular option is a quarterly pest extermination program that is designed to control, prevent and eliminate seasonal pests.

Each preventative pest control service will include a pre-spray safety check and insect activity inspection. The service will be modified to control any pest you have had problems with or are concerned about. Each service will provide positive extermination for pests reported by you or noted by us.

A quarterly service is a great way to save money and get great control as each of the quarterly services are much less than the cost of a single service for a typical pest.

We also offer single pest extermination services, a variety of other pest exterminating programs, and pest prevention services as well.


More info

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Commercial Pest Control Customers

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