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What Are Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites are large, destructive insects that live in wood that has a moisture content of 25% or more. They are very common in the Northwest, living in all kinds of dead wood. From the inner structural wood of living trees, to stumps, slab dividers, fence posts, telephone poles and more.

They swarm in the late summer, usually right after moisture ants swarm, another wood damaging insect that nests in the same types of areas.


How Can You Tell If You Have Them?

Finding evidence of moisture in your home is the main way of finding Dampwood termites. Do your gutters leak back against your home? Does your siding contact the soil? If you have excessive moisture, you could have dampwood termites.

Dampwood termites are considered a secondary wood destroying organism. They occur in the same areas and under the same conditions as wood decay fungus – wood rot.


How Do You Control Dampwood Termites

The first step is to remediate the moisture problem. This can mean digging your siding out of the soil, caulking your bathroom, or fixing chimney flashing. It often means opening up water and rot damaged areas and making repairs.

If you can’t open the area up, for some reason, say you are delaying repairs, you can have a professional pest control operator inject or apply either an insecticide to kill the termites, or a fungicide, such as a liquid boric acid solution that will slow rot and kill termites.


Dampwood Termite Prevention

In addition to keeping up on normal home maintenance, you should have your home inspected by a professional to find and point out ways to eliminate excessive moisture. It can save you from getting termites, and help prevent rot. Make sure your inspector has a pest inspection license.


Wood Destroying Organisms

Almost all wood destroying organisms in our area are attracted to moisture in a home. A dry home goes a long way toward preventing them. However, some wood destroying insects will infest anyway.

Carpenter ants and subterranean termites can infest dry sound wood, and often do. Carpenter ants are very common in our area, and subterranean termites are much more common than people think.


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