Green Pest Control

Safeguard is a leader in poison free, all natural, organic, and green pest control.

  • Poison free rat control
  • All natural pest control
  • Organic pest control
  • Green pest control


Poison free rat control

If you are committed to rodent prevention and rodent exclusion, most homes can get to zero rodents, with zero poison.


All natural pest control

We actively encourageĀ  our customers who are not currently experiencing an active infestation to think about switching over to natural pesticides for exterior pest prevention. Essentria IC3 not only kills pests, but is smells nice. Most customers on natural pest control programs like their results.

We use a number of all natural pest control products in our normal everyday operation, including amorphous silica gel and diatomaceous earth.


Organic pest control

essentria-ic3_family-pngIn addition to Esentria IC3 we also use products like ECOexempt, and ECOraider to control everything from bed bugs to yellow jackets. Some of these products even meet strict USDA guidelines and can be applied in certified Organic food prep guidelines.


Green pest control

The greenest pest control, involves pest prevention, if you never get pests, you never have to use pesticides of any sort to control them. Beyond that, being green just has a lot to do with how you approach a situation. Pesticide is only one option to control a pest.

We offer inspection and prevention programs.

At Safeguard we are always looking to see what we can do reduce the need for pesticides, for pesticides that provide the least amount of risk for our customer, and our technicians, and for ways to lessen our impact on the world around us, including non-target species, like birds, bees, and fish.

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