Mole Control

In the State of Washington, it is illegal to trap moles.

If you as a homeowner were to trap a mole, using a trap you bought from your local garden center, not that we’re suggesting you to do that, you could get your hands slapped. It would take someone reporting you, a nosy neighbor, an animal lover, or just anybody who has an axe to grind.

If we were to trap for you, we would get a big fat fine.

So what can you do? You can buy the little vibrating poles to stick down in their burrows. Could work. Has worked for some customers.

You could purchase a repellent such Chase Mole Granules. They cost about $32.00 a bag. They work for many people on many moles – but not for all people on all moles.

If you are a regular customer, we would be happy to apply the granules for you. We usually charge $65.00 as an add on fee for a small to medium yard. It’s not included in regular services. We can also sell you the granules @ $30.00 per 6 lb bag. We do not warrant the granules or our application.

They need to be applied every few months and they work by making the ground and the grubs in the ground, which the moles eat, distasteful, giving the mole an upset stomach. They are not supposed to be harmful to pets or children if used properly. In really dry weather, they should be watered in.

Not a regular customer? We can apply the Chase repellent mole granules for you, but the initial cost starts at $145.00 for the first 6lb bag, and $65.00 for each additional. The granules are available through

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