Prep Sheets

Prep sheets are in PDF format.

We have designed these prep sheets to make your service more effective and less expensive.

Note: We are more than happy to help our valued customers prepare for any Safeguard service. If you would like us to help—please call us ahead of time so that we can schedule enough time to do so.

Please understand, however, that this is not inlcuded in the quoted cost of any service, and that we will have to charge the same rate for prep time and for time spent waiting for you to finish prep as we do for application time. (In some instances this may double or even triple the cost of your service.) Incomplete prep may lead to unwarranted services.


Odorous House Ant Prep

Carpenter Ant Prep


Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Prep Please call if you have any questions about driers, encasements, safety zones, nuvan strips or any other aspect.



Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetle Treatment



Flea Prep


Pantry Pests / Food Pests

Food Pest Prep



Roach Control Prep



Exterior Spray Prep

Interior Spider Spray Prep (coming soon)

Void Spaces (coming soon)


There is no one size fits all, control material or technique that exterminates all pests, regardless of what type of pest they are or where they nesting – if you have specific concerns about specific pests, let us know and we will design a spray service to control or eliminate it.


More info

Residential Pest Control Customers

More information on residential services, service programs, and service preparation sheets can be found at our Residential Service Center.


Commercial Pest Control Customers

Information on commercial services, service programs, and how Safeguard can save you money, can be found at our Commercial Pest Control Center.

We offer fast, effective, affordable service, experienced technicians, and a commitment to customer service – Call us Today!



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