Rodent Control

5 Things You Need To Know About Rodent Control:

  • How big your rodent problem is
  • What really needs to be done to get rid of your rodents
  • How to keep rodents from coming right back in
  • Insulation replacement is a scam
  • What we do to get rid of rodents


How big is your rodent problem?

Every aspect of your home should be inspected. Rodents are not a localized problem. There is never one rat or mouse. You need to have your sub areas, attic and roof voids inspected, as well as your garage, and maybe even your interior. You need to know how they’re getting in, where they are nesting, and if possible, what they are eating. Most homes are infested with rodents for years before they are noticed.


What really needs to be done to get rid of rodents?

The average homes needs 20 to 30 rodent traps put out in attics, sub areas, and garages – the more the better. You need to keep the rodents from getting into other food sources, like grass seed, bird seed, human or pet food. You need to know where all the possible access areas are and how to seal them up properly, and no, expanding foam doesn’t work.

You may need to use rodent bait for rodents that have seen how snap traps work. Rats, especially, are pretty smart, but you have to put rodent bait out in a way that doesn’t (read cannot – under any circumstance) poison pets, kids, or wildlife.


How to keep rodents from coming right back in

Hate spending money for nothing? Then close off all the current and potential access points, otherwise rodents will move right back in. Rodents want to be where rodents have been. Once you have had rodents, your home is now super attractive to future rodents. If you don’t seal off your home – rodents will always re-infest. The process of sealing off your home is a highly specialized construction process known as rodent proofing or exclusion.

It may not be possible to fully control rats or mice, if your home is not fully and properly rodent proofed.


Insulation replacement is a scam (our opinion)

We see homes that have had their insulation replaced multiple times, and they still have rodents, $15-$20,000.00 later, because the companies who did the work, did sub standard rodent proofing. In modern homes, little or no air in your home comes from the sub area. Homes change, the insulation you replace now, is only clean and new until the first rodent moves back in. Leave a sub area door open on accident, let a tree limb grown over onto your roof three years later, or break a vent accidentally while you are mowing the lawn – bye bye $5-$10,000.00.

Sometimes, a home does need new insulation, it’s just not that common. Please read our disclaimer on our link to to rodent proofing noted above.


What we do to get rid of rodents:

An initial full-home-inspection to find out all the activity areas, and all their current and potential access points.

A full rodent control service, at the time of our initial inspection, putting out enough traps to kill all the rodents you could possibly have, and more – just to be safe. Includes the installation of child, pet, and wildlife safe rodent bait stations – if necessary, to control your rodents.

Give you a list of all the current and potential rodent access points and an estimate to close them all off, or directions, so you can do the work yourself if you want to. We don’t scam you – if you want to do the work to save money, we are happy to tell you how. Just make sure to do it, or you’ll have us back in a year or two when they move back in – maybe sooner.

A follow-up service in approximately two weeks to pick up any dead rodents and do the build-out work, if you have approved it.

While we offer regular, ongoing service plans for many pests, for most residential customers, following the steps above will get them to zero rodents (some homes will need a second follow-up service).


Notes On Rodent Control

To keep our prices reasonable, all trips to a control site are charged, including trips to pick up the control materials. Some homes made need more treatments than noted above. We can’t tell how much it will cost to do the exclusion work for your home before our inspection, and the inspection is the most valuable aspect of any control service – so we don’t do it for free.

A single pair of rodents can have 6 to 10 sets of young, 6 to 10 times a year. When you figure that half the offspring are female, and capable of breeding in as little as 2 months – it is easy to see how literally hundreds and hundreds of rodents could be living nearby, in your neighborhood, all needing food, all needing places to live. Exclusion is vital.

Some customers enjoy the peace of mind of regular quarterly inspection and control services, and we do offer follow-up programs for customers concerned with rodent activity in their neighborhood. The follow-ups can be designed to cover ants, spiders, wasps, etc…

The WSDA requires that we remove all control materials or monitor them. We charge for our trip out to remove them, it is built in to our two to three time service structure. We can help prevent future problems, monitor for rodent activity, and control other pests as well – for one low quarterly fee, ask your technician for details.

You can help us get rid of your rodents. Read some good information on rodent prevention, which is a must for rodent control.


What is rodent proofing (exclusion) and why is it necessary to control rodents?

Have your rodent proofing performed by a professional rodent exterminator using proven rodent exclusion methods and materials.


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