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5 Things you must know about Mouse Control:

  • The importance of a whole home inspection
  • The fastest and best mouse control
  • What is mouse proofing and why is it so difficult
  • Do you really need a mouse pest control program
  • $99.00 scams and insulation sales
  • Bonus one: Safeguard’s Mouse Control Program
  • Bonus two: Mistakes Homeowners Make



The importance of a whole home inspection

You can have more than one mouse infestation in a given home, and mice can move easily between areas of infestation. Mice living in your sub area, are likely to move into your garage, and often your living area.

We perform and in-depth whole home inspection and analysis: exterior, sub areas, attic and roof voids, garage, and interior. We note all pest mouse activity areas, and every possible way mice are getting into your home, or could get into your home, and we look for any factors that make your home attractive to mice.


The fastest and best mouse control

As a rule we use a ton of mouse traps on every initial service. Mice, unlike rats are highly curious of new things in their environment. During our initial inspection, we put out 10 to 20 traps in every sub area, or more. 10 to 20 traps in every attic space, or more. And we use a half dozen or more traps in areas like garages, and kitchens. (as examples) If the mice have not been trapped previously, tiny traces of peanut butter on a professional trap often works wonders. If a homeowner has used peanut butter – but never did build-out, then we really have to earn our money.

Trapping without doing the build-out always leads to future problems, mice learn that traps and poisons and equal death. The best mouse control always addresses closing off the gaps that mice could use to get into a home.


What is mouse proofing and why is it so difficult?

Mouse proofing involves closing up the gaps that mice use to get into your home. Mice can get through insanely small gaps, holes the size of a dime and gaps of a quarter inch. Wherever possible, these holes should be closed off with concrete patch, metal flashing, and metal screening. We recommend against ever using non-reinforced spray foam. Rodents chew through it pretty quickly.

If you don’t mouse proof your home, you may not be able to get rid of all the mice you have. Mice can learn that traps and bait equal death. Left unchecked, mouse activity can foul insulation and vapor barriers, leading to expensive replacement costs. (Please read our disclaimer about insulation replacement on our page dedicated to rodent proofing.)


Do you really need a mouse pest control program

Most homes can be rat proofed. A really good pest control company, should find and eliminate most mouse access areas. However, homes change over time, vents get broken, access doors get left open and mice can sometimes move back in. Not all homes are good candidates for mouse proofing – but we feel it should be done, if it can be done.

Pest control companies also know how to protect themselves from the HPS, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, a potentially fatal disease that can be carried by certain types of mice. This disease, while rare, does occur in our state.

You may not need a monthly, pest control service for life, but a pest control program for mice can be a good idea for some homes, and some infestations. Safeguard combines mice and other pests into a quarterly service program that many people find helpful.


$99.00 scams and insulation salesmen (our opinions)

1.  Some companies are really pushing insulation replacement, mainly because it makes them huge sums of money. We feel that only one home in a thousand really needs it. We are seeing customers who have paid $4000.00 to $7000.00 several times, and still have rodents. No, the air in the average home does not come from its sub area, and no, it’s not going to make you unhealthy.  Insulation companies, in our experience, never recommend anything less than full insulation replacement for every home, regardless of need.

2.  When the best regarded pest control companies in the industry charge 2 to 3 times as much as a ‘LOWEST PRICE’ competitor, who advertises $99.00 to treat any pest, and that company just happens to have a ton of really bad reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List, it might just be a scam…


Bonus #1: Safeguard’s Mouse Control Program

We do a full home inspection, we look at the exterior, the sub area, basements, and attic and roof voids. We inspect garages, kitchens, utility areas, and if you are seeing them inside we will also inspect your living area. We write up a full report showing you all your areas of activity as well as our recommendations for mouse proofing your home. We provide you with an estimate for the mouse proofing, or instructions so you can do it yourself, if you ares on inclined.

During the course of the inspection, we put out control material.


Bonus #2: Mistakes Homeowners Make:

Under estimating your mouse problem. The mice in your home came from somewhere nearby in your neighborhood. A single pair of mice can be have 6 to 10 sets of young, 6 to 10 times a year. When you figure that half the offspring are female and capable of breeding in as little as 2 months – it is easy to see how literally hundreds and hundreds of mice could be living nearby, all needing food, all needing places to live.

Skipping the mouse proofing, or using expanding foam, or other types of products. This mistake leads to future mouse problems and increased future costs.

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