Spider Extermination

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Spider Extermination Options

  • Exterior sprays
  • Interior sprays
  • Spider sprays – limitations and legalities
  • Extras: Attics, sub areas, interior cracks and crevices, spider traps.
  • Quarterly Service

Exterior service: (check out our spider treatment page for a visual guide)

Our exterior spray is super through and includes: The base of the home, including up the wall from 1 to 3 feet, under the lip of the siding, and sub area vent openings. The ground at the base and out from to 3 to 7 feet.  Around doors and windows, typically far enough from the actual window to prevent most over-spray. The undersides of your eaves and the bottom of your gutters. Other common spider areas such as corners, overhangs, and siding features that give the spider good angles to hang webbing. Deck railing, stairs, and when accessible, the deck under-structure. Attached fences within the first ten feet of the structure.

This is our most basic spider extermination service and our regular quarterly follow-up service.

Notes on exterior sprays. We can usually do most two story homes without ladders. If we have to get out ladders to spray high eave areas or to avoid over-spray on high windows we charge extra. If we have to go on to your roof to exterminate spiders, anywhere, we charge extra (if it’s even safe enough to do and we agree to it). It is never included unless it was specifically discussed and is noted on our tech’s paperwork. Out buildings and extended fence lines can be treated but are not included in basic pricing.

Many customers schedule window cleaning after our spray services. Others ask us to miss the windows as much as we can. We do our best to both exterminate spiders and not blast windows, but there is always some over-spray.


Interior sprays:

Our most common interior spray area is the garage. Many customers ask us to exterminate spiders in this area at every service. Which is included in our regular service at no additional charge. How much control you experience will depend, in part, on how much area we can spray. Optionally, we can install spider traps.

Sprays in living areas target the base of walls, areas around large furniture, corners, and around doorways and windows. You will get your best control if you prepare your home properly before we spray.

We only recommend spraying the interior once a year. Spraying the inside every time is not recommended and is not included in our regular quarterly follow up services. There are a ton of limitations on interior sprays. (See link below.)


Spider sprays – limitations and legalities

There are many – please read, this affects your service.


Extras: Attics, sub areas, interior cracks and crevices, spider traps.

Nothing we do will eliminate 100% of spiders, however, here are a few options that can work to reduce the number of spiders you see. All of these are extra and are not included in the initial service or follow-up service unless specified in advance and agreed. (Some of these may be offered by your tech as part of your winter service – in lieu of an exterior spray)


Quarterly Service:

The typical quarterly follow up service is outlined above as an exterior spray service. At no additional charge we are happy to treat the inside of your garage at each service. Once every year, upon request, we will spray the interior of your home as part of your regular quarterly service. That is the most interior treatment we recommend (See limitation and legalities for more.)

To qualify for the quarterly service rate you must accept all quarterly services, even the winter service. Why? Because inspections of homes during the winter find tons of spiders. They’re just curled up near windows, lights and vents. Without a winter time service, you will have twice as many spiders in the spring. Also, quarterly service customers get our very best rate, a rate we only offer our most regular customers.  We’re happy to service customer once a year, twice a year, or three times a year – you will still save off our initial service rate, you just won’t get our very best deal.



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