Exterior Spider Treatment

Where we treat on the average home, on a spider initial service, and how we earn your business.

Lower level areas:

Where We Spray

Where We Spray

At ground level: We spray up under the edge of your siding (a prime spider nesting area), a solid band all the way around – one to three up from the ground, and three to seven feet out. We spray into sub area vents. We spray all the corners of covered walkways and lower level eaves. We treat the edges of  siding features, and around doors and windows – usually with a six to twelve inch band.

Higher areas:

Upper areas

Upper areas

We pin stream the inner and outer sides of your eaves  plus any cross pieces and also the outside fascia, or gutters.

We pin stream the sides and under your windows, trying to avoid over spray onto your windows.

We pin stream siding features and overhangs.






Low Decks

Low Decks

If your deck on the ground, we’ll treat around it. If we spray back underneath it, we will. We will also spray the accessible areas where spiders are most likely to hang webs.

If your home or deck is as dark as this one – you will see more spiders sooner as we cannot use the very best spider control materials on super dark homes.



Raised decks:


If we can walk, or crouch under your deck, we’ll spray the house below it like we did everywhere else and we spray all the 90 degree angles, we can do s pretty thorough job, we just can’t spray every single inch of it.

Read our blog post about spider treatment expectations.



Deck Rails:


We spray the under side and structural support members of railing – as long as they’re not glass. We’ll spray glass – but you need to OK it first, because it’s going to make a mess.

We do not spray the of the rail where you put your hands – unless you request it.

These little pockets house spiders, and often paper wasp nests too!



We spray fence lines and gates within seven feet of a home too. We automatically spray attached sheds, carports, etc… If you would like out buildings treated you should let us know. They are an extra charge, but we are happy to take care of them for you.

Professional products last much longer than over the counter materials and the labels we have to follow are much broader than the labels of those materials, but regulations affect where we can spray & how much we can spray. For instance, we can only spray the edges of hardscapes (concrete, pavement, rocks etc…). Additional limitations can be found here

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